Defining A Bouquet

If we met with one hundred brides and asked each one how she envisioned her bouquet, the odds are good you would hear one of these words: traditional, different, or gardeny. It is our job as the designer to determine what the definition of those words mean to each bride.

There are thousands of traditions associated with weddings and marriage, many of which have been lost over time. One of the oldest and most adhered to would be the bridal bouquet. During primitive times, brides would carry a bouquet of herbs, garlic, and grains in order to derail evil spirits as they walked the aisle. However, when brides describe their dream bouquet as being traditional, we have never once been asked for herbs or garlic.

Many traditional wedding flowers include roses, orchids, tulips, hydrangea, peonies, stock, calla lilies, and more. As seen below, bride Summer chose a mixture of creams, whites and soft pinks to create her bouquet which was composed of many of these blooms as well as a brooch to add a touch of sparkle.

In February Amy wanted all white tulips to create her sleek and traditional bouquet. During Victorian times, the white tulip was defined as a declaration of love.

Unplugged Photography | David Shirk

An all white bouquet for Ashley this summer – a mix of white calla lilies, freesia, and lily grass.

Simple Color Photography

While white bouquets are certainly traditional in the South that isn’t always the case. Brides Elizabeth and Cherylia both went traditional with their flower choices and colors of red and pinks.

Neiconi Photography

Now Vision Photography

 For the brides that come to us wanting a different bouquet, our first question is usually, “how different?” We’ve seen everything from solid brooches, peacock feathers, and even flowers made from paper. Here are some of our favorites.

Kelly’s wedding was full of vibrant red except for two things. Her dress and her bouquet. We incorporated white ostrich feathers into her otherwise traditional bouquet of white roses, stephanotis, and green hypericum berries.

Rebecca Long Photography

Sarah’s wedding incorporated something very normal to her life but what some would consider different. Baseball. Her reception was held at Regions Park and bridal party photos were taken around the stadium including on the field and on top of the dugout. Her bouquet of lime green and shades of purple included flowers such as green cymbidium orchids, purple calla lilies, stock, and hypericum berries.

David Boyd Photography

Owning a flower shop and having been raised in the south will lend a deep appreciation to garden flowers and these bouquets are some of our all time favorites. For Whitney’s wedding, she wanted to keep things light and airy. In keeping with the garden feel of her wedding, we used white tulips, lavender calla lilies, Queen Anne’s lace, geranium leaf, and peonies.

Robert Norris Photography

Gillian’s wedding at Swann Lake Stables was full of Southern charm. Her bouquet, as well as her bridesmaid’s bouquets were made by the ladies themselves at our DIY table. Gillian’s bouquet was constructed of white garden roses, berzilla berry, trick dianthus, fiddle head fern fronds, and lambs ear.

Spindle Photography

No matter what your definition of a bouquet is, we hope we are given the opportunity to bring your vision to life.

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