Holiday Decorating by Dorothy McDaniel’s Flower Market

Dorothy McDaniel’s Flower Market has had a very blessed year. Dorothy’s son Peter, our Operations Manager, welcomed a new daughter in May (Dorothy’s granddaughter). We were also able to celebrate our 35th year in business on November 7, and most importantly we have had another year of wonderful customers that we feel can’t be beat! We could write 1,000 words of how grateful we are and still would not scratch the surface.

Each year we decorate homes & businesses for the holidays. Whether it is something as simple as delivering a live tree & placing the lights on it or doing a full set – up, we are more than happy to do your decorating for you! Many of our customers love decorating the tree with their loved ones but dread the task of lighting the tree, and others are elderly and no longer able to retrieve their décor from the attic or storage.

This year we were able to carry Alisha Crossley of Alisha Crossley Photography around with us to get photos of some of the homes and businesses we decorated. Unfortunately because of schedules and there only being so many hours in a day we weren’t able to capture all of the homes and businesses. I can’t thank Alisha enough for bearing the rain and the cold to get these shots!

This home is the perfect example of using us to decorate with your own holiday decorations. This family contacted us in early December. They had lost their home to a fire and were starting practically from scratch. They had the tree and many ornaments but needed garland, accessories, ribbon, and more. Designer Justin went to their home to determine the best color scheme & decide what was going to best suit their needs.

The end result was a mixture of greens, chocolate, & khaki. The ribbon leading from atop the tree is a chocolate & khaki checked ribbon. The same ribbon was also used on the stair rail along with garland with mini pinecones.

The kitchen table arrangement was created in their container by using a mixture of Christmas greens, glittered pinecone picks, and ornaments in multiple shades of brown.

Justin also decorated the two mantles in the home. The same garland from the stairs was also used on the mantles. In the living room gala apples were added for a pop of red.

In our store we have several trees of different sizes set up each year. Some are traditional and pre-lit with white lights while others are flocked & colored from star to stump. This couple came in one Saturday and weren’t sure what direction they wanted to go with their tree. Their home is decorated in traditional creams, whites, and taupe. After seeing one of our trees decorated completely in silver, gold, white, and mercury glass ornaments Sonya knew this was exactly what she wanted.

Designers Chris & Adam ordered and delivered an 8′ pre-lit tree to their home along with ornaments from our store. The bow was a mixture of silver and gold. The tree was draped with icicles, snowflakes, ball ornaments, silver cotton pod ornaments, glittered gold finials, and mercury glass ornaments.

Throughout the rest of their home we brought in yellow poinsettias in silver containers, gold pinecone trees, silver reindeer, mini frosted trees, and fresh flower arrangements.

The owner of this next tree has a collection of crystal ornaments that can draw your attention for hours. She has collected crystal ornaments for more than 20 years and continues to buy them anytime she finds them. Whether they’ve been purchased on vacation with her family or at a yard sale she’s been to, she’s accumulated enough to cover her 9′ tree. It has been our pleasure to decorate her tree for her the past few years and hope we continue to do so for many more!

One of our corporate clients commissioned us to decorate their offices & warehouses for the past couple of years. This year one of the things they wanted was a 6′ lighted wreath that could be seen from the street (a distance away). Mission accomplished.

Also at the main office was a wreath that hung behind the receptionist’s desk and beautiful amaryllis scattered throughout the building.

This business has a spectacular breakroom with seating for up to 75 employees at a time. With a breakroom this size they wanted their employees to have a nice tree to appreciate throughout the season. Decorated in all red, white, and green, all of the ornaments, garland, and ribbon on this tree were from our new 2012 merchandise.

This last house has multiple trees and each is decorated very specifically. Upon entering the house, you first notice the stair rail which has lighted garland and red bows running the length of the rail. This tree, in their music room, is decorated in all green, gold, and white ornaments, garland, and ribbon.

The tree in their sunroom is a 15′ pencil tree topped with a green and red damask bow decorated with all white, green, gold and red ornaments.

The living room tree is a 9.5′ tree decorated in all red and gold. Alan, the lead designer for this home, also draped the mantle with garland accented with glittered gold picks & ornaments.

In the studio downstairs sits a live tree along a mirrored wall. It features a burlap tree skirt and bow, and it is decorated entirely with mercury glass and gold ornaments. Flanking each side of the tree are frosted pinecone wreaths. Matching picks are in the upper level of the tree.

The front windows of the home have wreaths with red bows while the front doors have metal stockings with Christmas greens and dried flowers.

Next year whether you want us to order your tree or deck your halls, call us at

(205) 871-0092 or e-mail and we’ll be more than happy to help bring cheer to your home! Many of the products pictured above are still available in our store while some of the products are from previous seasons or purchased elsewhere by the family or business.

Dorothy McDaniel’s Flower Market is also on the web




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